and its various ORGANIZATIONS


Holy Trinity United Methodist Church (HTUMC)receives its primary financial support directly from Church members, in their weekly TITHES and other OFFERINGS, freely given to the Glory of GOD and the ministry work of CHRIST in the World.

However, during the year, members and organizations of the Church, do various things, to increase the financial support to HTUMC's work.

Each year, in September, HTUMC has a Fall Festival, at which time there is a sale of plates (usually barbecue or fish); a live auction; and a silent auction. This is great fun for the members of the Church and annually raises a substantial amount of money for the many charitable activities and ministry of HTUMC.

The United Methodist Men (UMM) of HTUMC each year have a NUT SALE where they sell pecans, mixed nut packages, and sometimes trail mix and other items. This is the primary fund raising for the UMM and you can purchase those on the UMM Website which is http://www.methodistmen.us. UMM anticipates several other projects this year, to fund its many activities in construction type activities for HTUMC each year; for the expense of live animals at the annual Christmas Nativity Scene; for donation to support our troops with copies of an inspirational booklet; and direct donations for the maintenance of the physical buildings of HTUMC; support of Troop 564, Boy Scouts of America; assistance on the Christmas in July program to give school supplies to needy children; and many other worthwhile projects of this strong group at HTUMC. Other of their projects will be listed on this page later.

The United Methodist Women (UMW ) have a number of projects which they work on. They have been making "ditty bags" for women in the Battered Women's Shelters. Although having been around at HTUMC for many years, this group has just reorganized in 2003 and become very active again. They will be having some fund-raising activities this year. Their projects will be listed on this page later.

The United Methodist Youth Fellowship (UMYF) annually participates in the UM Army (a program where the UMYF youth go as a group to another town or city and spend a week assisting people who are underprivileged, elderly and/or disabled, whose homes are in need of repairs and/or other churches with the same needs. The members of UMYF each year must raise their funds to undertake these UM Army projects. Their projects will be listed on this page later.

FLAME is a recognized organization at HTUMC whose purpose, among other things, is to be the promotional and/or public relations organization for HTUMC. Presently FLAME is raising funds for Cable T.V. advertising to start promptly to let the community know more about the Methodist Church and especially about HTUMC. The UMM has donated $500.00 toward this project and there are some funds left from FLAME's matching fund drive last year, to get this project under way.

Other groups within HTUMC (such as Sunday School Classes, Keenagers, and others) may also have fund raisers during the year for their events and ministry and charitable work.

Finally, our large and great HTUMC DAY SCHOOL & DAY CARE program, raises some additional funds, over tuition, to continue their fine program of caring for and teaching children with a Christian message. The HTUMC DAY SCHOOL & DAY CARE collects box tops, for which the manufacturer donates funds to the school. There are other items which are collected also, to raise additional funds. The school can always use direct donations to HTUMC earmarked for use on the HTUMC DAY SCHOOL & DAY CARE program.

Very soon we will be addingPay Pal to this web site for those who wish to make direct donations to HTUMC or any of its groups. Pay Pal is available to every person to set up, so that they don't have to give out their credit card information to anyone except Pay Pal, which then secures that information from release to anyone else.Pay Pal is the primary means of payment on eBay (and eBay recently purchased Pay Pal).

Direct payment of tithes, donations and to purchase tickets or items on this site, is still the most advantageous means, as it eliminates the small charges made by Pay Pal. However, we realize the convenience in adding this method of payment, to save you from having to fill out and mail a check, bring in a cash or check donation and other means. Therefore, please feel free to use Pay Pal once we put it online on this page, which will be soon.

One CAVEAT: If you use Pay Pal, please 1. notify Cheryl McCarthy, our Church Secretary (so she may alert the Treasurer of the reason and amount which will be placed into the HTUMC Pay Pal account, so the Treasurer may look for that entry and purpose); 2.notify the organization at HTUMC for which you are sending the funds to assure that the purpose is fulfilled as to you (for example, if you are buying a box of nuts from the UMM, they will get your order correctly, so that your purchase can be properly ordered and delivered to you).

THEREFORE, if you wish to make any donation and/or to participate in any of the activities of HTUMC, FLAME, UMM, UMW and/or other groups, you will soon be able to do so on this page.

In the meantime, you may contact our Church Secretary, Cheryl McCarthy, for information on how to make your purchase and/or donation.