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The following are a few of the Philosophical thoughts which appeared in the
book "Messages of the Mind" © 2000
by Terrell William "Terry" Proctor, J.D.

[NOTE: all text is copyrighted and all rights reserved. No use may be made
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NOTE: There is an old saying that there is nothing new under the Sun. Hence one could say that no thought is entirely new. The philosophy express herein is not intended to be plagiarized from any other source, but undoubtedly, convergent evolution of thought will result in the same or similar thoughts by persons with no connection with each other. If any of the philosophical thoughts appear to the reader to be too similar to thoughts of another or others, please call it to my attention so that I may purge anything which comes close to sounding like plagiarism. There is one proviso, however. Where there is an old expression or thought, the author of which is unknown, I have on occasion attempted a new way to express the same thought for a little originality.


1. Character is created, after being melted in the crucible of your own environment, over the fire of adversity, with the catalyst of your own soul.

2. Leadership is recognizing the right time, in the right place, under the right conditions for you to step out front---and then doing so!

3. Life would be far more pleasant, if each of us treated every other driver on the road like we treat a first date or the boss when we want a raise.

4. It may not be necessary for one to bow the head and close the eyes to pray, but for those easily distracted, it certainly makes it easier.

5. Thoughts come to our mind--and then pass--and quite often it is best they do.

6. Wisdom is a journey upon which travelers journey at different speeds, but none so quickly as to reach all goals before the journey ends.

7. The higher one goes on the rungs of success, the more one is inclined to ask "why?".

8. Envy and jealousy are acids which can dissolve ambition and success.

9. Since I became an artist, I no longer just travel to get somewhere--I observe every tree, every bird, every cloud, every sunset, and my life is much richer because of it.

10. No one ever really belongs to you---not your spouse, your children, your parents, nor any one else. Only you belong to you and you are charged with the sole responsibility of what you do with you. How are you doing?

("from messages of the Mind"

11. People who would not think of letting their vehicle get low on oil or pouring a soft drink over the keyboard of their computer, will do far more destructive things to an infinitesimally more intricate and valuable piece of equipment, their one and only mind and body.

12. Your soul is that indestructible part of the original creation of the Universe, that God placed as a steering wheel in the vehicle of your flesh, which you call a body, to steer you through life, and then it returns to the Creator, when the vehicle returns to the dust on this terrestrial plane.

13. The mind may be only cells, but they are cells which can recall the chill and thrill of a winter sled ride years before; the smell of a gardenia bush long since gone; the voice of a child long since a man; a first kiss, after 50 years of marriage; and the excitement upon the first awakening of your spiritual being.

14. From the moment of birth, every idea we think we have, is simply our brain reconstructing parts of ideas programmed into it from others.

15. Wisdom does not come at any certain age, and to some never.

16. One's view of life, is usually what one is looking for in life.

A penny saved is a nuisance.

18. Time is either your slave or your master---it's your choice.

19. Getting ahead in life is like paddling a canoe. Sometimes you move ahead in fast water with very little paddling and other times you paddle like crazy and seem to be standing still or losing your place in the race.

20. One may look solemn; learned; judicious; thoughtful; superior; educated; arrogant; bored; or any one of a number of other facial facades, but beneath every one of those assumed expressions hides a scared human who wonders if any one else on earth really understands any more of why he is here than he does.

("from messages of the Mind"


21. There is still no substitute for gaining knowledge and understanding like reading.

22. When we cheat others, we cheat ourselves even more, for we rob the most important asset we possess---our own self-esteem.

23. What we perceive as a threat toward ourselves, is often a misunderstanding of what another intended to communicate to us.

24. At birth, each of us was given a bank account of time in life, by God. Like money, we can each choose to waste it or invest it wisely and like money that invested pays dividends.

25. The only person whom I really want to respect me is the one who looks back at me from the mirror when I wash my face.

26. You, I, and the President of the United States share one thing in common, that is having 24 hours a day to use as we see fit.

27. What medication can be prescribed to relieve pain more effectively than the words "I love you".

28. Life and people are not black and white, but many shades of gray. Therefore it behooves us not to make black and white decisions, comments or assumptions.

29. If one has not integrity, he has nothing.

30. Some folks express themselves best in writing; some by speaking; some by their actions; and some have difficulty getting their feelings out. Be patient with them, it could have been you.

("from messages of the Mind"

31. The most expensive things in life are: a temper; greed; jealousy; vindictiveness; and most important, forgetting that you have an immortal soul for which some day you must account for the actions of.

32. There is nothing the mind of man was not intended to know, if he only finds the key to unlock the door and has faith that he is supposed to use the key.



33. Ambition is coveting what will make one happy. Contentment is being happy with what we have.

34. The older I become, the wiser my parents become and the more foolish I was in my earlier years.

35. We really won't know if there is life after death, until it is too late to change our game plan.

36. There are many ways to be rich in life---and money is only one of the lesser ones.

37. You can never recapture the treasure you passed up, on the path of life; but you can learn what treasure looks like and what is only fool's gold as you continue the journey.

38. What I learn, no one steals from me, ever.

39. A belief that science and religion are contradictory or adversaries shows ignorance, for the more one learns of science, the more one knows God has to be.

40. The harshness of another toward you, may actually have little to do with you, so don't be easily offended.

("from messages of the Mind"

I hope you enjoyed these philosophical thoughts. If you want to see others, I hope soon to have the second printing of my book "Messages of the Mind" printed. Contact the Web Master page